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Music & Memory

Posted by Suzanne Baker on
Music & Memory

There are millions of elderly residents within long-term care facilities around America. Many of these residents face both cognitive and physical impairments therefore, relocating into a long term care facility, can be extremely stressful for them. These stresses almost always stem from two main causes such as: the financial stress and stress associated with major change.

While policies such as a hybrid long term care insurance policies may help alleviate some of the financial stress, for many the lingering stress of change will remain. Many residents relocate and instantly long for familiar faces, settings, and even sounds.Yes sounds. In fact, sounds and music can make all the difference within long -term care facilities. These sounds and music can help shape the overall resident experience and even aide in fundamental therapies. That’s right, music therapy has long been a form of therapy used in patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s who struggle with memory.

The familiar sound of an old but favorite tune can sometimes help spark old emotions and memories. Music can help us remember feelings, places, and even people. Perhaps, a song from your favorite album or even a musical you once attended can send you into a trip down memory lane. This is why music therapy and musical play within your nursing home can be beneficial.

Finding a facility that is right for you requires a little bit of research. You should look into your facilities programs and activities. Your facility should have a list of services offered. If you are one of the many americans with a hybrid LTC policy in place this can make this can help give you more options when selecting a facility. Since hybrid long term care insurance combines long term care benefits with life insurance benefits, these policies can help you support the financial side of all your top choice facilities. Don’t get caught settling on the second half of your life. Research your facility carefully to ensure they offer all the musical programs and therapies you desire.