Upcoming Events at Mizner Amphitheatre

Events are organized at Mizner Amphitheatre every year for different reasons. While some events are held purely for entertainment purposes with all the arrangements to make the audience enjoy the occasion most, some other are organized with a noble purpose to gather support and care of the people to deal with some dreaded diseases such as Alzheimer and breast cancer. However, all the events at Mizner Amphitheatre are able to attract more audience. Here are the names and purposes of some events at Mizner Amphitheatre.

  1. WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S2262583719_1590bab899_m

Date and Time of the Event: 8.00 am, Sunday, 27th September 2015.

Alzheimer Association is arranging events to get the support and care of people of all ages to fight against the Alzheimer disease, the nation’s sixth primary cause of death. The events are held with the purpose of increasing awareness among the people about this disease and to get support and care to deal with the severity of the situation. These events are arranged annually around six hundred communities, and millions of participants join these events to provide support to those Alzheimer patients.


Date and Time of the Event: 6.00 am, Saturday, 10th October 2015

2145896360_00b5c9c163_mIn this event, many top artists will come together to perform the classic80s hits. This is an outdoor event and all the facilities such as live music, drinks, food and wine will be available to make it a great occasion forever. The top freestyle artists will entertain you with your favorite songs and this event will be one of the biggest concerts of 2015 and enjoyed by many people from across the world.

The main attractions of this event are Sugarhill Gang’s “Rappers delight”, Giggles “Love Letter”, TKA’s “Maria”, George Lamond’s “Bad of the heart”, Johnny O’s” Dreamboy Dreamgirl”, Judy Torres “Come into my arms” and many more for your entertainment.

You can purchase food and beverages and limited parking is available nearby the amphitheatre for $20. Paid and free parking is also available at downtown library and city halls, a walking distance from the amphitheatre.  There is also parking nearby at Mizner Park Apartments.


Date and Time of the Event: 8.00 am, Saturday, 24th October 2015.

Making Stride Against Breast Cancer is one of the largest networks that plays an important role in increasing awareness among the people about the breast cancer. The event will be held with the purpose of collecting fund to support the cancer patients and also enable American Cancer Society to work in a better way and to provide free information to the needy and to guide people how to deal with this disease effectively and how it can be cured in the initial stages.


Date and Time of the Event: 7. 00 pm, Sunday, 22nd November 2015.

The FAU Wind Ensemble, the Marching Owls, and the Jazz Band’s combination will make it a great event and every participant will enjoy it the most. Two hundred musicians will be there to entertain the audience.

Chairs and blankets are welcome in this event, and rented chairs are also available. Food and beverages will be there for purchase. Free parking is available at the downtown library and city hall, a walking distance from the amphitheatre.  Palmetto Park Realty in Boca Raton has also donated some parking at their office spaces, located behind the Bank of America building.